Pets Have Teeth Too!

Imagine how your teeth would look and feel if you didn’t brush them for years. The same applies to your pet’s teeth. Unless you are regularly providing some form of dental care, you are neglecting an important part in the overall health of your pet.

Dr. Woodward is now available to see patients regularly in Bozeman! 

Dr. Woodward sees patients every other week. For further information or to schedule a veterinary dental appointment call 406-599-4789.

At Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery, our simple goal is to make your pet comfortable. In most cases, owners are unaware that their pet has oral/dental problems. The pets feel pain, but usually do not communicate this to the owners. Having one of the few board-certified veterinary dentists in the world, we are equipped and educated to find and treat all forms of dental disease, including many painful pet dental conditions that are frequently overlooked. Treating pet oral and dental disease isn’t just a part of what we do, it is all we do.

Broken teeth, abscessed teeth, oral tumors, gum disease, and many other oral problems commonly affect our pets. These conditions are painful, yet remain undetected for years. See our complete list of veterinary dental services.