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Montana Pet Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Treating pet oral and dental disease isn’t just a part of what we do, it is all we do.

Serving Patients in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, Southern Canada and the Surrounding Areas

Dog & Cat Dentist in Bozeman
and Missoula, MT 

As one of the only board-certified veterinary dentists in the area, pet owners from all over are willing to drive hours to visit Dr. Woodward in Bozeman, Montana and Dr. Block in Missoula for their expertise and experience in veterinary dentistry.

At Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery, your pet's oral health and comfort are extremely important to us. Dental problems are more common in pets than owners realize and can cause severe pain if left untreated. When your dog or cat is suffering from a dental issue, a board-certified vet dentist is the most qualified person to call.

As a board-certified veterinary dentist, Dr. Woodward and Dr. Block are equipped to perform a variety of dental services to treat your pet and relieve their pain. They are also dedicated to preventing oral disease in pets by providing dog and cat teeth cleanings that give your furry friend a fresh, healthy mouth. If your pet is in need of dental care near Bozeman or Missoula, MT don't hesitate to contact us. Our compassionate team will treat your companion with the utmost care.

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Based on 9 reviews
Dianna Kersey
Dianna Kersey
We are so incredibly thankful for the expertise and kindness of the doctors and staff! Our kitty, Morty, was hit by a car and his jaw was completed fractured and hanging off his face. Dr. Woodward and Dr. Phelps, Lauren, and Heather were fantastically amazing! They helped Morty regain a quality of life that we never believed possible after such a horrific event. Do not hesitate to make this team your trusted extended family for your furbabies! Worth every penny :)
Patti Marshall
Patti Marshall
Dr. Woodward and his team took excellent care of my cat Simon, who had severe gum disease and had to have most all of his teeth removed. It was a hard time for us, but they took extra care to make sure that he was comfortable and pain free for the day of and days following his surgery. Kudos and many thanks!
Evan Koehler
Evan Koehler
I’m so thankful to have found this group. My best friend (female German shepherd) was hit by a car the other night. Her body thankfully didn’t sustain much more than some bad road rash and bruising, but she broke 3 incisors and a lower canine in half. I hated the idea of losing that important tooth and was recommended I look these guys up. I called at 630 am the following morning, was called back at 730 am and scheduled for the same day surgery. I drove from Missoula and was warmly and lovingly received. They treated my pup better than any vet I’ve ever seen, repaired the canine, repaired another canine that was damaged from when she was a puppy at no charge, pulled the broken incisors and everything was completed with the attention to detail and the skill you could only dream of after a traumatic event like this. Thank you so much Lauren, Dr. Woodward, Heather and the rest of the team!
Betsy Funk
Betsy Funk
They were incredibly helpful and Dr. Woodward took extra time with our dog to make sure we received the best care possible. I highly recommend them!
Mario DiCecco
Mario DiCecco
The doctor and his entire staff are amazing! They took great care of my 17 year old cat & went far beyond my expectations to make sure his recovery went smoothly!
brian morrison
brian morrison
Dr. Woodward and his team took great care of our dog Willow. We appreciate the care they provided and were wonderful to work with every step of the way. Their communication before, during, and after the procedure was highly appreciated and they went the extra step to make sure we knew exactly what to expect. We highly recommend them for any pet dentistry needs.
katie andrews
katie andrews
They were amazing and so caring and knowledgeable.
Julie Golla
Julie Golla
Terrific staff. They took great care of my kitten and kept me posted on how things went all morning. Dr. Woodward was easy to talk to and obviously has a ton of experience, which is very helpful in making wellness and financial decisions for your pet! My kitten had badly swollen and enflamed gums and he has been SO much better since his visit. They also communicated very well with my home vet, making things easier for everyone to stay up to date on Enzo’s status and ongoing treatments. Great option if you need a dental specialist. Save yourself the worry and just take your fur kid in to get a straight answer and top treatment options.
Ashley Finan
Ashley Finan
I am so deeply grateful for the kind, thorough, and exceptional care and communication of Dr. Woodward, Lauren, Heather, and Sarah. They took great care of my dear sweet 15yo pup with severe dental problems. I drove 3 1/2 hours to come here with her and it was worth every minute. There was so much awry that they didn’t finish yet, so we will be back, gladly, in a few weeks to get her in tip top shape. Thank you all for taking care of our Athena!

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Conditions We Treat

We treat periodontal disease, broken teeth, abscessed teeth, oral tumors, gum disease, and many other oral problems commonly affect our pets. These conditions are painful, yet remain undetected for years.

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Pet Dental FAQ’s

Find answers to questions about pet dental health and veterinary dentistry.

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For Referring Veterinarians

At Montana Pet Dentistry and Oral Surgery we strive to work with your clients as an extension of your hospital.

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Dr. Woodward sees patients at his office in Bozeman, Montana by appointment.
Schedule a veterinary dental appointment for your pet by calling 406-599-4789.
Dr. Block sees patients at her office in Missoula, Montana
Schedule a veterinary dental appointment for your pet by calling Missoula office at: 406-550-3790.