December 3, 2020

Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning Package

in Bozeman, Montana


Our COHAT package is $495. There is a separate consultation fee of $110.

Lab work is not included and costs between $75 & $115 depending on the labs needed.

We offer an inclusive pet dental cleaning package

Our dog and cat teeth cleaning package includes:

  • Thorough pre-operative oral health exam
  • IV catheter and Fluids – this allows us to help maintain your pets hydration and blood pressure.
  • General anesthesia– It is simply not possible to provide a quality cleaning and take dental x-rays without general anesthesia. If it was possible, we would be the first ones to start offering that service. We are highly experienced and well trained in pet anesthesia, so your pet’s anesthesia experience will be tailored to their specific needs. Many veterinarians bring their own pets to us for dental care and also refer their higher risk anesthesia patients to us.
  • Available board-certifiedTM anesthesiologist– In the unlikely event a patient experiences and problems with their anesthetic episode, an on-call board-certifiedTM veterinary anesthesiologist can immediately view the anesthetic parameters of that patient and provide guidance.
  • Full-mouth Digital Veterinary Dental X-rays. We always take full-mouth dental x-rays for every patient. Many dental problems are hidden under the gum line and cannot be detected or evaluated without dental x-rays. These images will help our team find and identify hidden painful disease and evaluate the severity of the problems so they can be addressed appropriately. Using digital x-ray equipment makes the process very fast, which helps minimize the time your pet is anesthetized.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing. Your pets mouth will be thoroughly cleaned above and below the gum line.
  • Detailed anesthetized oral exam – Every patient is examined by a doctor after the cleaning. Any findings are correlated with the dental x-rays.
  • Our team will provide you with an electronic copy of your pet’s records after the procedure.
  • Pet parents can feel great knowing that their pet is receiving excellent dental care that can also save them money by preventing any potentially painful oral disease for your pet.

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