December 3, 2020

Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning Package

in Bozeman, Montana


We offer an inclusive pet dental cleaning package

Our dental cleaning package includes:

  • Thorough pet oral health exam
  • Blood panel before anesthesia – We make anesthesia safe for your pet by doing a blood panel to test all organ function so that we can identify any problems before their oral cleaning. 
  • Electronic Monitoring, General Anesthesia, Fluids and IV Catheter – We are highly experienced and well trained in pet anesthesia, so your pet’s anesthesia experience will be adjusted to their specific needs and they will be monitored through the whole cleaning.
  • Digital Veterinary Dental X-rays Radiographs. These images will help our team find and identify signs of periodontal disease, any broken teeth, or even oral cancer that would not be seen without x-rays, so your pet will be under anesthesia for a shorter period of time.
  • Professional polishing and teeth cleaning. When our team polishes your pet’s teeth, the teeth will be smooth and less susceptible to build up of tartar and bacteria, which can happen if the tooth is improperly scaled.
  • Our team will provide you with a copy of your pet’s dental X-rays, as well as dental charts.
  • Pet parents can feel great knowing that their pet is receiving excellent dental care that can also save them money by preventing any potentially painful oral disease for your pet.

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